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The Tooth Gallery

Lion (Yathin S. Krishnappa)Tiger (Chadh)Cat (Gabriel González)
Wolf (Taral Jansen/Soldatnytt)Dog (Whippet—Brambleberries Photography)Crabeater Seal (Liam Quinn)
Piranha (Silk666)Shark ( (Autopilot)
Hippo (Art G.)Wild Boar (Viridiflavus)Grizzly Bear (London Natural History Museum—John Cummings)
Horse (Fredrik Stark)Cow (L. Mahin)Llama (Johann Jaritz)
Beaver (Sylvain Haye)Vervet Monkey (Steve Evans, Citizen of the World) Chimpanzee (Knoxville zoo )
Bearded Dragon (HTO)Python (Mokele)Crocodile (Sander van der Wel)
Mastodon (Jstuby)Megalodon (Kate W.)Tyrannosaurus Rex (David Monniaux)
House Mouse (Magne Flåten)White-shouldered Bat (Wilson Bilkovich)Vampire (Justin McIntosh)

All images are from Wikimedia Commons.

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