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The Story Idea
Dillon after losing his fourth tooth.

I usually get ideas for stories right out of my head, but this book was the exception. Something funny happened that gave me the idea.

About 10 years ago I got an email from my sister Holly. It turns out she took her 5-year-old son, Dillon, to McDonald's one day for a Happy Meal and when he bit into his hamburger, one of his baby teeth nearly fell out. It was barely hanging there and would obviously come all the way out soon.

Well, Dillon got very upset about losing a piece of his body! He wanted his tooth to stay in his mouth. He was even upset with his mother for buying him that hamburger.

My sister explained about the Tooth Fairy, thinking it would make him feel better. Nope. Dillon didn't want some fairy coming at night to take his tooth—he wanted to keep it forever.

Which got me thinking. What if the Tooth Fairy just kept trying to do her job, and a kid didn't want her to? What if he kept trying to stop her? How would she respond? I pictured the Tooth Fairy in a little three-piece suit, carrying a briefcase. She would be a fairy who always followed the rules. She would do everything by the book, no matter what.

So that's how The Tooth Fairy Wars was born. You will find that this story is dedicated to my nephew. Thanks, Dillon!

Dillon turned into Nathan in the book.

In real life Dillon made his peace with the Tooth Fairy, but he still asked her stuff. Here's
a note he wrote after bringing home a tooth in a cool little container from school.

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