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Naming a Dragon

Here are some words to get you started. You can combine them in various ways, mix them with your own ideas, or just come up with something completely different!

Color words:scarlet, crimson, emerald, jet, black, ebony, ivory, ruby, verdigris, gray, puce
Metallic words:gold, bronze, silver, copper, iron, tin
Fiery words:fire, flame, burn, char, charbroil, broil, fry, bake, toast
Strong words:death, roar, wrath, fury, bash, lash, crash, mash, blood, guts, rip, shred
Reptilian words:scale, hiss, drac, tail, slither, fangs, slide, lunge
Made-up syllables:bor, gelf, mor, gork, fask, lej, ip, grak, nix, seb, dak, hef, zel, lurg, eek
Other:Dream something up!

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