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Strange Real-Life Secrets

Secret Sampler

Maybe you're wondering, "What would my secret turn into?" Well, Kalli would tell you that you never quite know with secrets, but here are some possibilities:

Sad, Mad, or Bad Secrets

Type of Secret Turns Into
You did something mean or hurtful  tin heart
You lied, cheated, or acted sneakyrock
You were greedy or selfishdried root
You feel angry, unforgiving or hatefulshard of glass
Someone hurt youtear-shaped gem
You saw something bad, sad, or uglydirty rag

Happy, Hopeful Secrets

Type of Secret Turns Into
You created somethingzooming dragonfly
You saw something beautifulspring breeze
You did something kind,
or someone was kind to you
singing bird
You had funleaping frog
You have a wonderful idea or plansoaring butterfly
A good feeling (joy, love, hope, etc.)roses
A new babyrobin's egg
You improved, tried harder, or made upspring leaves

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