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Vantor's Vitals

Hair:Wavy and golden blond!
Eyes:Beautiful blue!
Height:Really Tall!
Weight:Unknown, but we'll try to find out!
Muscles:Lots and lots!
Overall Handsomeness:The Best-looking in the Land!

Vantor's Bio
Prince Vantor is from the fair land of Rogast. Unfortunately, he's the second son, so he didn't get to be king when his father died. His brother Manfried is the king of Rogast. (People call him Manfried the Ruthless!) So anyway, poor noble Vantor set out to seek his fortune and do knightly things like rescue fair maidens and slay dragons. He is so important he needs a lot of helpers to do the less important things for him. His entourage consists of 32 men-at-arms, 5 servants (they put up tents and clean things and carry things), 2 stable hands, an armor-polisher, a valet, and some guy he just yells at a lot. Oh, and Vantor has a younger sister named Sharees. She's still back in Rogast.

Vantor's Valiance
 Last year, Vantor (and his men—they helped a little) conquered the dread Boggle Beast of Dead Horse Swamp over in Triask.

 Also, Vantor has won 11 out of the 15 tournaments he's jousted in!

 Plus someone told us he heard Vantor captured a mountain monster one time.

 And Vantor just really, really looks valiant!!!!!

Fan Notes to Vantor

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