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Teachers, in my other life, I have worked as an elementary, secondary, and college teacher. In addition to writing for children, I am currently working as a Teacher Advisor (Curriculum Specialist). Although I know—and hope—we sometimes read books to our classes for the sheer joy of it, in these high-pressure days of testing and standards it's important to create literature-related lesson plans and projects. Such lessons can get students thinking about a piece of literature in big-picture terms, applying critical thinking skills and making connections to other books as well as to their own lives.

With these concepts in mind, I have provided two sets of lesson suggestions, one geared towards the lower elementary grades, the other towards the upper grades and even middle school. The first set only addresses my picture book, The Secret-Keeper, while the second includes ideas for both The Secret-Keeper and The Runaway Princess. In some cases, I have referenced the California state educational standards. I believe those of you who live in other states and countries have similar standards. You may notice that I often use my books as a jumping-off point rather than as the focal point of a given lesson suggestion. For example, several of the ideas relate to the broader concept of folk tales and the oral tradition. Please feel free to e-mail me at author@katecoombs.com if you have any questions regarding the suggestions I've provided.
  • For primary grade lesson ideas (K-2), click here.
  • For upper grade lesson ideas (3-6 and above), click here.

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